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Episode 6: She was one of the nation's top small biz execs. Until Trump won

Tameka Montgomery on how to start over when your high-profile job ends

Tameka Montgomery was President Obama's top small business expert. Now she's an entrepreneur.

Tameka Montgomery tended to the needs of the nation's 28 million small businesses as one of the Small Business Administration's top executives in the Obama administration. Her job, as Obama's hand-picked leader of the Office of Entrepreneurial Development, ended at noon on Inauguration Day 2017. It was a very public -- and classic -- One More Shot story: How would she decide what to do when her job ended, through forces beyond her control? After a sabbatical, she decided to shift her focus from adult entrepreneurs to small ones. Today, she's on a mission to help parents learn how to raise entrepreneurial kids. She talks about how to transition after a high-profile career ends; how to stay open to opportunities; the role of persistence as the "difference-maker" between success and failure; and what even 5-year-olds can do to earn money and become empowered people. This episode is for you if you've ever had a job end; if you're not sure what to do next; if you want to become an entrepreneur yourself or you're already on that path.

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Tameka Montgomery's podcast, "Raising Entrepreneurs"

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