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Ep. 5: You Can No Longer Ignore Your Calling

With "Being Enye," Denise Soler Cox wanted to tell 16 million people they matter

· Risk,Courage,Entrepreneurship,Film,Service

Denise Soler Cox seems like a force of nature -- bigger than life. But she hasn't always been this bold. More than 20 years ago, she had an idea to make a film about people like her -- the 16 million people in the U.S. who have at least one parent from a Spanish-speaking country. But like so many of us do, she kept on living her life, putting off her big idea from one year to the next, to the next -- living what she calls a "someday, one-day" life. But the notion that making a film about growing up Latina in the U.S. could help others know they're not alone wouldn't leave her, and finally she couldn't say no to her dream any longer. In this rollicking conversation, Denise describes how she took a single step toward becoming a filmmaker; the havoc it caused; how she had to confront being a beginner all over again; and how she knows it's all been worth it.

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