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    "Elaine Grant has that voice. You know what I’m talking about.. that voice your hear on public radio that automatically makes you feel a bit smarter. Elaine’s voice is only part of her magic." -- Kyle Dyer West, The Broadview

    Authenticity. Nerves. Risk. Courage. Persistence.

    Real, no-bs, in-depth interviews with people from all walks of life who are acting on their dreams. Want to know what to expect? Listen to the trailer!

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    2017 has been a tough year -- from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires, to political news....
    December 13, 2017 · Miscarriage,grief,writer's block,Creativity,Healing
    Author and Colorado State Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet on the rocky path of grief -- and...
    Tameka Montgomery was President Obama's top small business expert. Now she's an entrepreneur. ...
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  • about ELAINE

    Why One More Shot?

    One night over the chocolate-covered strawberries...

    I've always been fascinated with people's reinvention stories. And not just the good ones, the ones that seem easy...but also the hard ones, the stories of people who take years to execute on their dreams of writing that novel, having that child, moving to the perfect place, starting that crazy business. The stories of people who have come to hate the phrase, "some day." And the stories of people who finally overcame "some day" to do that thing that wouldn't leave them alone.


    I also love stories about people who didn't consciously choose reinvention, but who have been thrown into into it by the hard things in life -- divorce, economic upheaval, storms emotional or physical. As a lifelong journalist, I've always wanted to know, "How did you get here? What were you doing before? Why did you choose this path? How hard was it? What made it possible? What gives you resilience? Are you happy?"


    For decades, I've worked as a public radio producer and magazine editor. I've traversed the halls and studios of Colorado Public Radio, New Hampshire Public Radio, and WBUR in Boston. My work's been on NPR. I was an editor at Inc. Magazine (the "bible" for entrepreneurs), and I've written for Fast Company, AARP, US News & World Report, Audubon, Business Week, The Boston Globe, and hundreds more. This life has given me the privilege of access, the joy of learning what makes people tick, and abiding curiosity about what helps and hinders transformation.


    For a long time, I knew I wanted to explore people's stories about change, transformation, and above all, creativity. One night, at an event alone, I stood at a copious buffet, sizing up the chocolate-covered strawberries. On the other side of the table another attendee, also alone, eyed the mammoth delicacies as well. We laughed and chatted. The woman, a like-minded soul who would later become a One More Shot guest, told me she was a filmmaker, about to head out on a national speaking tour. But only a few years ago she'd never been on a set, never heard of B-roll, didn't know how to turn a camera on. "What did you do before?" I asked -- of course. "How did you wind up here?" For 20 years, she'd dreamed of making this film, she said. Every New Year's for the first 17, she'd put that dream on her resolution list. And still, year after year, she hadn't done it. Finally, she said, it was do or die: "In year 18," she said, "I decided to take one last shot."


    I felt that stomach flip-flop that happens when an idea strikes that you know, instantly, is perfect. I'd known her five minutes. "That's it!" I exclaimed. "You just gave me the title to my podcast!" Luckily, she didn't think I was crazy. Quite the opposite, in fact. But the title had to be "One More Shot," because it's not the "last" shot for any creative person, not when the ideas come fast and furious, day after day after day.


    I launched One More Shot at Denver singer-songwriter Julie Geller's Setting the Stage event in January, 2017, in front of an enthusiastic live audience. The next day, an attendee wrote to Julie: "I've been wanting to start my blog for four years. This morning, I set up the interviews and I'm getting it off the ground." A podcast listener wrote to me, offering her story and adopting my language of risk and change: "I'm a walking One More Shot," she said. "Can I come see you?"


    If you're a walking One More Shot -- or you're in the midst of acting on one idea -- please get in touch. I can't wait to hear from you. My email's elaine@appletonstudio.com and follow me on Twitter @1MoreShotPod.






    Oh, and that filmmaker I mentioned? She's Denise Soler Cox. Check out her film at ProjectEnye.com, and listen to the conversation!

  • See one more shot live at a 'setting the stage' production

    Inspiring and connecting women through One More Shot stories and the original, uplifting music of singer-songwriter Julie Geller. On a different theme each month.

    Kari Knutson in "Ain't Never Met a Stranger," creativity, risk, entrepreneurship, women who startup

    Losing and finding yourself

    with One More Shot guest Dafna Michaelson Jenet

    CO State Representative Dafna Michaelson Jenet joined me for a poignant and insightful conversation about growing from grief. Dafna is an activist, a rousing speaker, the leader of TEDx Crestmoor, an author ("It Takes a Little Crazy to Make a Difference") and one of the most energizing human beings anyone could meet. She shared a roller-coaster of a life story and we learned how she went overnight from being on top of the world, through the darkest of times, and back again.

    Listen to Episode 7: Dafna Michaelson Jenet. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play.


    Julie Geller performing at Setting the Stage in January, 2017

    Trauma, a long road & a bike


    with One More Shot guest Angela Wolz, who climbed out of a very dark place when she rode 3,000 miles across 3 countries and 5 US states. Alone.

    Episode coming soon to the podcast. And watch for Angela's personal story in the pages of AARP The Magazine in the coming months!

    Humorist Debbie Scheer on One More at Setting the Stage March '17. Resilience, creativity, courage, women who startup, entrepreneurship


    with One More Shot guest humorist Debbie Scheer, on how our most traumatic experiences can transform our lives. To hear her story, click here. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play.

    March 28, 2017: Beacons Community Space, Denver

    One More Shot guest Grace Estripeaut on creativity, risk, courage, entrepreneurship, women who startup.


    with One More Shot guest Grace Estripeaut, Boost Your Zen

    February 28, 2017: Beacons Community Space, Denver, 7 pm

    Listen to the podcast, Episode 2, here. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play.

    Kari Knutson in "Ain't Never Met a Stranger," creativity, risk, entrepreneurship, women who startup

    New Beginnings

    January 22, 2017: Beacons Community Space, Denver

    Listen to the podcast here. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play.

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